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Your vehicle, your tint choice. Not sure what you want or need? No problem.

We offer your preference of shades. The lower the %, the less light is allowed in the vehicle. Please note, in Illinois 35% is the lowest legal for cars, 50% the lowest legal for trucks, vans, SUV's on front side windows.

You can choose your preference from 5%, 20%(closest match to factory tint), 35%, 50%, or 70%

Not sure what you want? No problem, give us a call and we will talk you through options and give you professional recommendations based off your choices.

Full Wrap

A full wrap is ideal for a car that has NO tint on it, or a vehicle that has some tint and darker tint is desired over the whole vehicle. INCLUDES:

  • All side windows and inserts
  • Rear glass
  • Gives privacy, significantly cools the vehicle is the ceramic option is chosen.

Front Matching

For those wanting to match their front windows to their factory tinted back windows and rear glass.

  • Exact match or legal grade for your vehicle.
  • Much cleaner appearance
  • Cooler vehicle if ceramic tint option is purchased.


Tint options that are not included in the full wrap or front matching, but are popular with our customers

  • 6 Inch Sun Visor
  • Full Front Windshield Ceramic
  • Moon Roof Glass

Ceramic Vs. Standard Tint

Ok, what's the difference?

Ceramic tint blocks up to 86% of Infrared(heat) coming into the vehicle. It also cannot fade or discolor because there is no dye in it, and gives a noticeable reduction in glare at night. It is a much thicker overall film and with a stronger adhesive layer that will last longer.

Standard tint is what you will find in most tint shops, quality product that will darken your glass, that will in most cases last for years.

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